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About us:
www.mohanmcreations.com is a website owned and developed by Dr.M.Mohan Rao an I.A.S. officer .and this site has two parts. The first part is dedicated to Dr.Mohan Rao’s Musical creations and the second part  is related to Astrology,Vastu,Knowledge issues such as water conservation , ground water recharge techniques,various kinds of  direct and indirect methods of artificial ground water recharge and rain water harvesting . This part also includes some forms of Literature  and Art. And the second part will be developed in due course.                                                   More
About the Lyricist :

The lyricist of the Album "Kya Mijaaz Hai" is Ms.Aruna Rao.  Aruna was born in Hubli,Karnataka and got her early education there. She graduated with English literature and  is a  Post-Graduate with Political Science from Osmania University Hyderabad .She won three Gold  Medals in M.A..
She has been a prolific writer in English and later on, to support her husbands compositions, she began to write lyrics in Hindi. With wide acceptance,she continued to write and has penned all the lyrics for this first album.She is an Indian Police Service officer and is at present serving as I.G.P. in Bhopal.

  Media News:
Kya Mijaaz Hai
A soft romantic number describing the beauty of his love. It is a beautiful description of the thought of a lover as he visualizes his love and tries  to reach out to  her.He is searching for his love in “ Anjan Rahein”…. And hoping to find a special person with a  special “Mijaaz”
Tujhe Pyar  Chahiye
A very peppy hiphop  ,foottapping  number. The girl  is trying to woo the singer  with her “Adas “ and “Eshare”
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