Profile :

NAME       :           Dr.Mohan Rao
DOB        :         
4th of december
EDUCATION  :           
MBA, Marketing, Ph.D.
PROFESSION :          
Indian Administrative Service
INTERESTS  :          
Composing music of different genres
 Singing and Astrology [family tradition]
Birthplace : Mohan was born to the late Shri. Acharyulu and late Smt. Venkata Narasamma in Purushotampalli, on the banks of the perennial Godavari river in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.Both his parents were good singers, singing religious and folk music of the region. His father was a stage artist and an exponent of astrology and vastu.
Education :  After early studies in his home district, Mohan recieved an MBA degree from Andhra University, Vishakapatnam and much later in life he earned a Doctorate from Vikram University, Ujjain for his pioneering work in water conservation and rain water harvesting.
Public Life :   As a bureaucrat, Mohan has been in public service in various capacities and is presently posted as Commissioner of Panchayati Raj and Social Justice Departments in the government of Madhya Pradesh. As Collector and District Magistrate of Dewas [1997-2001] he was instrumental in pioneering  a mass movement to eleviate the intense water scarcity in the district. He developed various techniques on water conservation, including an effective and cost efficient rainwater harvesting structure which was selected for the First Prize at the India International Trade Fair in New Delhi in 2000.
Cultural Activities :  From a very early age, Mohan has been actively involved in singing and acting. Singing has been a consuming passion with him. He took his first steps in singing with his father. He took part in all cultural activies in school and his home town and won accolades from one and all.Despite a busy schedule, he takes out time to hone his singing and composing skills.

FAMILY LIFE  :   Mohan is married to an Indian Police Service officer of his own batch , Aruna Mohan Rao. It was love that blossomed in the pristine hills of Missouri where they were trained together. She has penned all the lyrics for the new album.  
They are blessed with one offspring Tanmay,
THE MUSICAL JOURNEY : Keeping his musical passion alive over the years is a living testimony towards his love for the art. He has been composing  and has more than 50 tunes in various genres in his bank. His first attempt to finally let his voice reach out to a larger audience prompted the creation of his first album " Kya Mijaaz Hai". It has seven    melodious numbers in different styles which will appeal to everyone. Two of these songs have been videofilmed featuring Mohan, bengali and hindi film actress    Rituparna Sengupta and model and actress Meenal Vaisnav.